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Welcome to the Strike Seeker Wikia site!

The Strike Seeker software has help for almost every individual control built into it using tooltips.  Tooltips are small text boxes that pop up momentarily when you point the mouse at something and don't move it for about a second.  They are great for telling you what a control does but not when or why you would use it.  Answering those questions is a major goal of this wiki, along with providing a convenient location for reference materials, news on product updates, and a community forum.  As time goes on this wiki will get more detailed and hopefully more valuable to you.

I chose the wiki format over a traditional "user manual" because it is a living document (in the "cloud") instead of a printed document or electronic document like a PDF.  As new features get added and improvements are made to the software the wiki can instantly be updated for everyone, everywhere.  There's no need to e-mail updates or post them to the web site or Facebook, since the wiki pages will be ready with the new information whenever you look.  Best of all, if something is not clear then you can help improve the wiki by editing it or suggesting changes.  I hope that it will become a true Strike Seeker community effort to help newcomers and enhance the content so everyone has the best experience!

Don't forget to take advantage of the forums to either talk directly to the developers or to help answer questions from other users.


Clay Smith

Creator and President of Strike Seeker

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