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• 8/23/2016

Microsoft breaks Strike Seeker webcams with Anniversary Update

Having trouble with the webcams on your Strike Seeker system?  Microsoft is behind this one.  In early August Microsoft began rolling out updates to Windows 10 (the Build 1607 "Anniversary" update).  At some unpredictable time later the update is pushed to all PCs running Windows 10 (including most Strike Seeker systems) and the computer reboots into the new version of Windows.

Unfortunately, the Anniversary Update removed features needed by the Logitech C920 webcams used by Strike Seeker, causing the webcams to run erratically and crash unpredictably.  Microsoft webcams were unaffected, of course.  See this link for the Logitech confirmation of the Microsoft problem.  A fix by Microsoft is reported to be due within a few months.

If you have an active Strike Seeker subscription or are on the annual maintenance plan, you're covered!  A workaround is available to keep you up and running, and most installations have alread been fixed.  If you are experiencing any trouble send e-mail to  and your system can be given the workaround within minutes.

Clay Smith

President, Strike Seeker

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• 10/27/2016

It looks like Microsoft won't fix this.  Fortunately the workaround seems to work well.

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