Software release V1.7.4.1

Release V1.7.4.1 - August 18, 2016

ENHANCEMENT:  Different installations can now use different POP mail accounts to send e-mail with results to users.

ENHANCEMENT:  Both camera alignment marks will now be checked in the Setup menu when set and can be removed with a second click.

ENHANCEMENT:  Erase all drawings by holding down the right mouse button for 1.5 seconds.

ENHANCEMENT:  In compare mode force a landscape view side-by-side comparison into the corners to try to minimize the overlap.

ENHANCEMENT:  In compare mode allow the user to click on the "Shot #" comparison labels to dismiss them if they are in the way.

ENHANCEMENT:  In compare mode when the "Drawings Linked" button is pressed make the color brighter and change the text to "Drawings Unlinked".

BUG FIX:  Fixed incorrect placement of bowler alignment marks over webcam views.

BUG FIX:  When starting compare mode immediately jump into live mode instead of paused mode.