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• 10/27/2016

Software release V1.8.0.5

Strike Seeker has an important new release out!
This version of software introduces a "banner" area at the top right of the screen.  The banners are miniature advertising images that are useful for branding by showing a logo or for providing contact information.  Banners are always visible, so your logo and message will always be seen.  It is also great for making sure that any videos you send home on USB drives give your business some additional free advertising!
You can create your own banners for display at any time by creating a 260x50 pixel image and saving it as a .jpg or .png file in the C:\Strike Seeker\Banners folder on the Control Unit.  Any changes to files in this folder will take effect the following morning.
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• 8/23/2016

Microsoft breaks Strike Seeker webcams with Anniversary Update

Having trouble with the webcams on your Strike Seeker system?  Microsoft is behind this one.  In early August Microsoft began rolling out updates to Windows 10 (the Build 1607 "Anniversary" update).  At some unpredictable time later the update is pushed to all PCs running Windows 10 (including most Strike Seeker systems) and the computer reboots into the new version of Windows.
Unfortunately, the Anniversary Update removed features needed by the Logitech C920 webcams used by Strike Seeker, causing the webcams to run erratically and crash unpredictably.  Microsoft webcams were unaffected, of course.  See this link for the Logitech confirmation of the Microsoft problem.  A fix by Microsoft is reported to be due within a few months.
If you have an active Strike Seeker subscription or are on the annual maintenance plan, you're covered!  A workaround is available to keep you up and running, and most installations have alread been fixed.  If you are experiencing any trouble send e-mail to  and your system can be given the workaround within minutes.
Clay Smith
President, Strike Seeker
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• 8/19/2016

Software release V1.7.4.1

Release V1.7.4.1 - August 18, 2016
ENHANCEMENT:  Different installations can now use different POP mail accounts to send e-mail with results to users.
ENHANCEMENT:  Both camera alignment marks will now be checked in the Setup menu when set and can be removed with a second click.
ENHANCEMENT:  Erase all drawings by holding down the right mouse button for 1.5 seconds.
ENHANCEMENT:  In compare mode force a landscape view side-by-side comparison into the corners to try to minimize the overlap.
ENHANCEMENT:  In compare mode allow the user to click on the "Shot #" comparison labels to dismiss them if they are in the way.
ENHANCEMENT:  In compare mode when the "Drawings Linked" button is pressed make the color brighter and change the text to "Drawings Unlinked".
BUG FIX:  Fixed incorrect placement of bowler alignment marks over webcam views.
BUG FIX:  When starting compare mode immediately jump into live mode instead of paused mode.
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• 8/15/2016

Controller Reference page

The controller reference page has been added.  This should be one of the first pages that all who are new to Strike Seeker should read.  Later each of the "pages" across the to of the T will have their won articles.
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• 8/12/2016

A wiki is born!

Welcome to the Strike Seeker wikia forum!  Check in often to get help, to help others, and to help improve the product.
Thanks and may your next game be a 300!
Clay Smith - Creator of Strike Seeker
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